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Castle Clash gain inspiration from games like Jungle Heat or Clash of Clans. From the sea of copycatting games its one of the next products which demand from you to research goods.

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Build powerful armies, gather the variety of resources and attack enemies. Similarities from games like Clash of Clans are obvious. the only aspect of the Castle Clash looking otherwise than his cousin like a product is art style but the gameplay is almost identical.

There are a series of levels of players. All levels consist of the battle against a pre-built base of angry enemies. New players will learn how to play. The level of difficulty adds a very frustrating charm.

Leveling up on the beginning is simple as games provide you many resources. Upgrading and buy structures are a simple process and re-arranging the entire base is like dragging buildings.

Its simple process of attacking low-level gamers for quick loot. Combat is a weaker spot. There is no energy, tapping where you want to place units and watching them attack some structures. Unlocking best hero characters add power to a squad. What you can control is magic used for supporting.

What differences Castle Clash from Clash of Clans?

There are a few things that make Castle Clash different. Like Hero progression (leveling), hero arena, Magic, a large pool of units, building progression or high gem income.

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Things add up and fun is visible as time goes. One more turn effect could be one of the factors playing the game. To sum it all – there is always feeling that something is building. Castle Clash is the combination of WOW + RTS and many other products. The effect is for sure positive and gives you time-consuming enjoyment.

The Great and Bad Things About Castle Clash

There are many things you have to love about Castle Clash. Do you have free time and need something up? No problem. Get a decent amount of playtime.

The progression forms give you the satisfaction it will blow your mind. You don’t sit and wait for units to spawn and attack next base. A lot more! When the flow of gems is much greater it feels not like the purchase-it-all game.

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Fun first, money second? Spending money is a must and we have a solution for this. Castle Clash. The hack tool provides you with all spectrum of helpful tools, powerful coins, gems generator which gives you great feeling after all.


If you want to play in free time and get a free amount of coins and gems with Castle Clash Hack Generator look next to. I will give the software a 4/5 opinion and going back to play with my unlimited resources generator!

Game NameCastle Clash
Android Version5.42
CategoryStrategy Game
Current VersionV 21.33
Size10 MB

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