Vikings War of Clans Hack Review: Experience The Ultimate Strategy Game!


There’s a lot of latest powerful Games around strategy. We need to prepare food, gold, and many other resources to bring our clan to the top of the ladder. Vikings War of Clans is another around the product which you will manage your village. Lead your warriors on raids into the enemy and becomes a jarl Worthy.


The basic start is very poor – you will get a single ruined village. Training your warriors as they become stronger and more capable to defend your village from rivals clan. Also, you can attack them and seize all-important resources.

You have to take care of your people and cities and also learn new methods to train and improve your warriors. You can hire mercenaries to join your squad and conquests it all!

Choose a proper path and take it all. You need to be ready and make a strategy on all choices! Remember also that you can beat your competition using our powerful Viking War of Clans Hack Generator. Which generates an unlimited amount of Gold and Silver.


In the Viking War of Clans, you can find up to five resources. From Food produced in Farms used to feed your troops as well as upgrades. Iron will be used to upgrades and its generated via Mines. Lumber produced in Lumber Mills.

Vikings War of Clans Hack

Stone is scraped from stone quarries and silver produced in Manors used for knowledge or crafting equipment.
Another important resource is Gold which can be earned in any kind of event or purchased at a bank and its speed up tasks and buy items. You can farm it all on Resource spots.

How do you can see the number of your resources? They are displayed at the absolute top of the game screen. Any attack will cut you off from resources.

The only Vault will store them . The capacity of the farms, mines or stone quarries or lumber mills is limited. Limit reached – stop production alert. Vault on the other way is not included and you can store as much as you want.


Silver is one of the most vital resources in the game. It is produced in Manors and its usability depends on the timeline of the game. Using it to improve and upgrade knowledge or craft your equipment is the main reason to take care of this resource as much as you can!

You can produce it but the other option you have is to generate it via our tremendous Viking War of Clans Hack apk.

This tool could trigger a powerful boost to your castle capabilities and make you rich and powerful. Remember to prepare a strategy on all hard times while other enemies will attack you. Silver could protect you with the lesson learned!


As much as Silver, Gold in the software plays a rather important role. It can be earned in any kind of event or purchased on the local bank in your village.

The role of the gold in the Viking War of Clans is crucial. Speed up the task and buy new items has a lot to do with a question – be or not to be. It will for sure higher your chances to win the entire game while using strategy around Gold.

Gold can be also produced via our powerful Tool which is the Viking War of Clans Hack Tool. All instructions on how to use our Viking War of Clans gold hack you can find on the left side of the screen. Use it with a smile on your face. It changes the entire game!


There’s an entire bunch of buildings in the software – starting with The Palace which is the first and absolute most important building of your town. You can upgrade the palace and each of these will unlock many upgrades of your buildings.

Upgrade it asap after the upgrade of other buildings. The Oracle is building for research knowledge which gives you different increases in stats. To upgrade if you need the palace has to be on the same level as you want to upgrade it!

Vikings War of Clans

There’s a lot of other building like Barracks, Farms, Forge, Hall of Mysteries, Infirmary, Manor, Market, Mead Hall, Mine, Vault, Wall or many others. We will not describe all them – it will take a lot of time. But remember to upgrade and keep all them safe!


Your hero could change a lot of thins if used in a good context. Remember to protect him and his castle! The hero can gain experience and when reaching enough – the next level will be gained. This will trigger this process all over again from 0 experience points. Several graned skills points grow as the hero level gets higher.

New pieces of his equipment are available at the forge. Our hero skills are two sets of special knowledge giving us more power. The first is called “Main” and the second “Against invaders”. Skill points for developing hero skills are earned from leveling hero up.

Performing any task will result in obtaining needed materials. You can store them in the Forge. They are divided by quality: simple, usual, unusual, rare, Epic or Legendary. Try to find 4 of the same material and quality you can combine these into 1 of the next better quality.

The hero is an important character and you should give him a time to play this role. You can improve your hero skills and abilities by using our powerful Viking War of Clans Cheats.


There are several competitions in the product. You can play Task Competition or Troops Training. Both are useful and train you and your warriors to better prepare a strategy.

A different animal is a clan competition. A clan is a group of Jarls working together and they cannot attack each other. Two kinds of clan groups are divided into regulated and open. You can only join a clan by invitation to regulated clans or if they accept your request. Open ones say hello to everyone. You canget different ranks in the clan.

Not being in a Clan means you are out of many global events or fight with a Clan. This is crucial to remember to join a clan as soon as you feel you need to!


The attack could be done by your Viking Fighters and warriors. There is a different kind of groups which we will describe later on Troops Subtitle. Remember while attack you risk a lot, this could be deadly for you not to prepare to fight. An event good strategy could fail if you pick wrong troops or weapons.


The defense as Attack should be considered important in the Vikings War of Clans. Defense of your castle and village needs to be prepared in time. Triggering wrong tools and troops could end losing resources, citizens and your game could end wrong. Pick a good strategy and improve it!


You can use a lot of types of warriors you can train and use in a fight. They could be divided by some levels depend on their skills statistics. Look at the food consumption, you will have an answer on how to identify them. Do they need 5 food per hour? It is at level 5.

The “tier: group are warriors in a specific level group. Health, Defense or Attack value are the same in each tier. Level 1 has 100, 2 have 169 and 3 has 235. This value is raised by different factors from upgraded knowledge to others.

There’s a lot of strategies on how to train your troops to attack or defense. We will not touch this topic today. But you should research a lot of Wikia pages of the Vikings War of Clans to find out the best solution. It will pay off later in the game.

Pay to win

For sure, you will ask me to do this software is pay to win? I would say – not necessary. We have to buy some improvements. But the joy of building our village from the bottom to the top feels astonishing.

You will need some purchases or you can use our tool which generates great numbers of Vikings War of Clans Unlimited Gold or Vikings War of Clans Unlimited Silver.


The product has a great Clan feature which completely works with the spirit of today’s strategy games. You need to work, fight, protect and be with the mood of other players. Multiplayer in this software feels like perfect!


We can score this game as a gold one. The Vikings: War of Clans should get more attention. It has a lot of new features, the feeling of gameplay is quite different like in other productions like Clash of Clans and we use Vikings to fight with other clans. We need to look at this game with a positive eye and rate is how it needs to berate.

Game NameVikings War of Clans
Android Version3.3
Current VersionV 4.51
Size43 MB

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