Toy Blast Hack Review: Great, Colorful Fun!


Get Bored with other games? Toy Blast will take you on an incredible journey. This addictive product developed and created by Peak Games INC for Android and iOS gain a lot of popularity last time. Very same like Candy Crushit takes you to hundreds of challenging levels and jobs to make. You ain’t need wifi, you can play and compete anywhere, anytime with every kind of level.


Each gaming day provides a competition from “treasure hunt” to “climbing the treehouse”. They contain five or ten levels depending on the kind of competition. Of course, there is a reason to play. To get prizes that vary from coins for buying upgrades to extra or unlimited lives.

Challenging levels provide full fun and colorful graphic, chocolate sounds inspire you to play more and more. Resources like coins are the lifeblood of the product. You need them to upgrade and buy other things. How do you can generate coins for Toy Blast? By our powerful Toy Blast Hack. It has a lot of features and veins which secure the process of generating coins!


Like we describe above, coins are the lifeblood of Toy Blast. From upgrading things to buy new ones. Blocks need to be put in perfect order and your job is to create it in the way it gets you a winner. Generate an unlimited amount of lives, coins with this amazing arcade, puzzle game.

Toy Blast Hack

How you get achieve Unlimited Coins for Toy Blast? You can play hard and make resources but you also should think about other ways to produce it. What about our newest Toy Blast Hack 2018? It will make you much quicker and safer. And for sure – you will impress all your friends by winning this contest or tournament.


What is the reason to play Toy Blast? To best describe the game you can use a Word – Puzzle Game in the category of Arcade. The ultimate goal for you playing it is, of course, collect three stars for each level. During this time the level of difficulty will rise. The total level to achieve is 640.

There is an stunning amount of levels to beat involving live as well. You have limited moves and limited lives. At least you will make it more. How to do this? On the left side of your screen, you can find a great solution from our programmers.

They script a tool that generates an unlimited amount of coins and lives for Toy Blast! This Toy Blast cheats could give you a tremendous advantage in the real gameplay!


Each level involves lives and coins so the truth is – you can beat the level using a limited number of lives. Sometimes a game will force you to buy resources like lives or coins to buy items offered in the software. Resources in Toy Blast are crucial to the finishing strong at all levels and achieve a decent amount of wins.

They are in-app purchases but most gamers don’t want to spend real money to buy things like that. Here we are – the solution! How to do this ? You can do these different ways. We mention above are powerful and cheap Toy Blast Hack apk, but also you can buy resources in the real currency of your country. This is no problem for the richest…


A very simple mechanic provides a chance to play in the real world with friends and challenging tournaments. Multiplayer in Toy Blast is limited and I prefer to play singleplayer. It tastes good to make the first move and especially in puzzle games arced kind of game like this.

Toy Blast Cheats

We can’t say enough about Toy Blast Multiplayer. It’s that kind of singleplayer addictive product you never think to play with friends. Developers still improve the product and we need to wait for a little to get new features to play with others with great fun.


Graphic and Sound are great. Chocolate animations and colorful design pair with excellent happy music give you a boost when you trying to gain the entire world of the puzzle.

Blocks are speedy and you need to look at them very . This is the kind of software you need to try out to check how graphic looks.
Lovely character, icons, animations and much more are sugar for our eyes. Try to find out do you android or iOS will don’t crack doing that thing!


As we mentioned above, our excellent emotions by Graphic are supported by happy sound. Addictive tapping trying to puzzle in enjoy my ears. We can do it all night long and never get bored!

The sound has also several options. Make it quiet or make it laud. It could be extremely important for you to play a silent way – an addictive form of this game will force you to tap it at night…


You have to ask yourself – do Toy blast is pay to win type game? The answer isn’t that clear. What we know for sure that without lives and coins you won’t be able to be a hero. You won’t accumulate more wins than losses and you will struggle to put all puzzles in one line.

But to be honest. The Toy blast wasn’t that much PTW game for me. I enjoy every minute of playing it and never make any harsh comments. Of course, you can provide yourself with a weapon of more lives and coins, but it’s not trampolining you into a new level. You have to earn it by hand.

Generally speaking, you can play without any cheats or hacks. But if you decide to use our Toy Blast Hack apk android or Toy Blast Hack apk iOS – remember to use it with all safety modes.


All valuable pieces of information about our Toy Blast Generator you can find on the left side of the screen. It provides a full amount of unlimited coins or lives. To be sure of how it works – choose resources like LIVES or COINS and make it happen.

I can only add from myself – you have to find the best solution to win the game. It’s always that way. No other matters in Toy Blast. This product gives you an edge in real gameplay. Use it in a smart way!


We have to say there are some bad moments and downsides. One of them is you can’t play direct battle with your friends. The only way to do this is to ask them for participation in your competition. This is for sure downside as another – frequent advertisements showing up in the app between games. This is annoying and produces a negative image of the software.

Another one is tempting for buying the in-app shop. Do you want to complete a level you stuck on? Doing in-app purchases could sure help you with gameplay as much as generating it with our Toy Blast Unlimited coins feature.


Omit these downsides – we can approve and suggest you try this stunning product. Passing time never was so easy. It’s hell addictive and not for everyone. Especially for those trying to connect head and reality.

Despite all those bad things you have to try it out. With our powerful Tool, Toy Blast Hack Generator, it won’t suck! It will provide entertainment for a long time and cold nights!

Game NameToy Blast
Android Version3.2
Current VersionV 4.7
Size44 MB

Benefits Of Using Our Tool:

  • Puzzle Are Simple To Match
  • Usable
  • Android And iOS – Works On Both
  • Giant Advantage
  • Chat

Toy Blast Features:

  1. Fantastic Puzzle Game
  2. Very Fast
  3. Extremaly Playable
  4. Graphic Looks Great
  5. Nice Gameplay

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