Toon Blast Hack Review: Remarkable By Puzzle Time!


Toon Blast makes it special when it comes to puzzle kind of game. Match-two puzzle product set in a cartoon environment. A lot of animals starting from rubber ducks, bears and toy-like wolf not looking as a threat at all. If you like this type of journey this for sure match your personality.


Nice and simple gameplay format with cute visuals matching one kind of player – kids. The most important thing for our perspective is how we can get a satisfying time with software. The answer is rather straight – get the newest development tool which is Toon Blast Hack.

With our product, you can generate a lot of coins and lives which are crucial to beat the competition in the game. Toon Blast looks astonishing in the addictive side of human nature. And it sounds right


The most important resources in Toon Blast – coins, boosters, and lives – generate your success. You have to make them achieve great results and be close to your competition. Toon Blast offer generating Resources via different ways. From doing certain things and finishing jobs to generating them via our powerful Toon Blast Hack Generator

Using newborn generators nowadays seems to be a new trend. If you want to play with class and win it all, use toon blast cheats. It is pretty simple and logical. So, the description of the resource is described below.


The most crucial resources in the software are coins and boosters. Those vital currencies could be purchased by real cash or unlock chests to earn them in limited amounts. How do you can bypass those methods? Usage of our newest tool called Toon Blast Hack apk will provide you an unlimited amount of Coins and Boosters !

Toon Blast cheats

This for sure grows your chances to make a successful run in the product. Coins for Toon Blast are a vital factor for winning attitude. You need them to upgrade and update many features to put puzzles in the right positions and speed them up.


There are two kinds of chests in the game – Star Chest and Regular Chest. If you want you to have an option to unlock the regular chest after completing ten levels.

The other option is unlocking star chest after earning 20 stars. But you can get them only after completing level 7 – 3 can be acquired on each level possible.

If you want to gather stars complete grid with low moves number. Any moves left on the end? You will gain stars. After completing a certain task, if the move is left you will convert them into Rocket and get 2000 points. Sure, chests are an important factor during gameplay.


If you have a need to clear several pieces at a time in the grid you need to focus on gathering Boosters. There are several different types of them in the product that can enhance your chances.

Toon Blast Hack

It’s to that simple to get them because you will buy them only once a time when unlocking Regular or Star Chests. Using boosters when stick at the tricky level will grow up your chances.

Let us say Boxing Glove Booster used to destroy a piece of the entire row. Anvil Booster will clear an entire column in the grid whereas Hammer Booster will crush all single blocks. While Begin stage you will need some Booster which will be helpful in turning a block into Rocket, Bomb or Disco Ball.


The logic here is rather simple – more lives, more gameplay. To get lives you need to join a team. You can do this only after completing Level 20. Create your own team or join existing to grow your chances. To make a personal team gather a lot of Coins.

Good Option is to join an existing team that has already members. This will save your coins which can be generated in unlimited number by our Toon Blast Hack apk android or Toon Blast Hack apk iOS. Members of each team always will help you and share an experience or provide advice. Ask for lives, you will get them. Life gifts will not cost anything and you will be rewarded with a coin for every life.

Do you need a life – ask for it and extra lives could help other players. Each gamer can give up to 5 lives every few hours. This is important and demands you to be concentrated.


The addictive things are in place already in my case. I love to play this game, and my passion is growing every day. Puzzle games always have something with it. But Toon Blast makes it spin even better.

An enjoyable aspect of the product when you see design, animations and the most important – great, choppy sound. I love it so much! And our powerful Toon Blast Unlimited coins mode would bring you on the side of winners! It will feel even better.


The beginning of the game is based on tapping all combinations that you come across the different grid. concentrating on making special combinations. It will provide you with succeeding making a combination of five blocks will result in getting Rocket. Seven blocks will exchange on the bomb and nine blocks groups will result in Disco Ball.

The gameplay is rather fast and speedy. To figure out special blocks on the grid – the symbol of the blocks will change into a Rocket or other weapons. Generally speaking, Toon Blast offers a vast amount of combinations for gameplay to be interesting enough to try it!

Bomb, Rocket, And Explosion

The bomb is the second most powerful booster in the game. It could explode very shortly after detonation. Blocks that will explode are 8 ground itself. Combine another bomb it will explode 4 times this amount and takes 7 blocks to generate that. Similar work is presented by the rocket.

If the bomb touches another booster it will explode too. Weapons are an vital part of the gameplay in Toon Blast. Acceleration of them could trigger a puzzle to go faster and finish the job early. The competition doesn’t sleep. Prepare yourself for the hard use of bombs, rockets, and other triggers!

Pay To Win

You have to ask yourself. Do this game is pay to win? I will answer in a simple way – no! You can enjoy the product for the first second without spending a penny! But of course, you have to think about winning. To get a straight winner attitude you need to arm yourself with coins, lives, and boosters.

To get that you should try out newest tool – Toon Blast Hack apk 2018 which provides all these needs. Generating coins and live after click one button? Why not. Beat pay to win model and be a winner right now?


Preparing a verdict about Toon Blast I thought about emotions I play with. The positive buzz going through your veins all the time. I love those puzzle games where you can spend free time to think fast and precise. You can develop fast thinking and much more. Colorful, nice graphics and clean sounds effects give me a chill during gameplay.

I will tell you all, no trying play this product will be disregard! The honest opinion comes with my time spent with the game. You always should remember about our powerful Toon Blast Unlimited coins generator. It will make fun much more enjoyable!

Game NameToon Blast
Android Version3.4
Current VersionV 2.3
Size122 MB

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Toon Blast Features:

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  4. Graphic
  5. Gameplay Is Perfect

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