Royal Revolt 2 Hack 2020 Review: Meet The King


Developed years ago by Flare Games – Royal Revolt was one of the first high-quality products for Windows 8 and RT. Smooth Combat combined with touch-screen and gameplay – it was great strategy elements together. Kind of tower defense game looking great in the eye. The first software was great and almost legendary

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The Second Version for Windows Phone 8, Windows and RT changes vertical. To player VS player formats like Clash of Clans or any other similar products. Endless opponents to attack, weapons to improve, defenses to upgrade the core of the product stays alive. Yet, Royal Revolt 2 still has something to improve.

What interests us the most is the fact of what resources and currencies are visible in the game. Royal Revolt 2 offers Gems, Gold, Pearls, Food and more. to describe all them below. Before you will get all reading, please remember that we offer accessible Royal Revolt 2 cheats. You can find it on the right side of the screen.


There are several kinds of resources existing in Royal Revolt 2. The first and most important is of course Gold. You can upgrade a lot of things buy buy it. Also, Gems and Pearls are important. Food is important to keep our citizens alive and fight well.

Resources can be obtained in various ways. From achieving certain things and complete missions to many other things. But you can hack the system right now and generate an unlimited amount of Gems, Gold, and Pearls right now. Using our newest Apk will give you a huge advantage over a vast amount of other players.


Gems are the premium currency in Royal Revolt 2 which can be purchased for real cash or generate via our powerful Royal Revolt 2 Hack Tool. By buy this you can provide gold or food for yourself, speed up timers and do many other things. There are some things you can bough only with gems – let’s say you need a worker or other extra items or needed things. You can buy it very with gems.

Remember you can also use many of our great tools like Royal Revolt 2 hack apk. This tool provides you with effective results and allows you to build quick results and won most of the battles!


The Standard currency in Royal Revolt 2. Gold can be used to upgrade almost everything. Buildings, towers, units, weapons and much more. You can also buy some items from a gift shop.

But Remember there are limits how much gold you can have limited by Treasure Chamber which can be upgraded. Getting Gold in Royal Revolt 2 could be a tricky job.

If you want to generate an unlimited amount of Gold you need to be patient and use our powerful Royal Revolt 2 Hack Generator. All the features you can find on the right side of the screen.


Pearls have a purple color and are spherical. The usage of pearls is quite different than gold and gems but as important. You can figure it out playing yourself but we can tell that buying some hero items at grammy item shop. Upgrading items through Blacksmith Workshop or using them to perk stats on troops, spells or Defensive buildings.

There are a variety of ways to use them boosting your chances to win the game. You should think to use our powerful Tools to generate pearls right now. The Royal Revolt Hack apk should help you right now!


Food could be used to attack and destroy other gamers. Farms producing food and you can store them in the silo. The strategy should be to accumulate food to launch a series of attacks. If you need a bigger amount of gold for investment this for sure is the case.

Save food until a new league starting is another great point. When there are no sens of competing in the current one you should save on another occasion. Food is as important as other resources and should be generated and produced or distribute .


The alliance could be made by up to one or more gamers allowing pool their existing resources to gain features. And also come with the ability to compete with the team against other clans. The thing which should be improved is the social aspect – it could be better.

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For taking part in an alliance you need to build an alliance tower that costs gems. It can be upgraded and rebuild. It’s a very important thing – any boost or bonus could give you an advantage over enemies. Remember this.

An alliance could be a powerful way to build your recognition. Us it smart and build structure and strategy around it. Also, for the stronger alliance, you could use our Royal Revolt 2 Unlimited Gems or Royal Revolt 2 Unlimited Gold Generator.


Every enemy has gold to be stolen. The chances of getting it after hard raiding their positions are huge. It the method to get medals for leagues and it’s quite possible to win or lose trophies.

You can attack only players who are online or inactive right now. Same alliance gamers could only test their friends by attack not gaining any gold, trophies or medals. Testing defenses is speechless. You will get no message after the attack.

The very important thing is to find good targets and you can do this clicking on crossed swords on the main screen of the game. Royal Revolt 2 system will suggest a target + 400 or – 400 trophies from the players’ current trophy level. You can attack the opponent and gather some resources.

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You can use the Dungeon. Important role-playing by fiefdom which is the main protagonist of the alliance – it can declare win or loss of any Alliance.
Another character like Pals and their evolution – beasts also could be used.

But the most fundamental part of attacking or defensive is united. Some of them can upgrade be the Troop Academy. Monsters should be unlocked and upgraded by finishing respective caverns.


Like in many strategy games each castle building can be upgraded and you can unlock new defensive buildings. And spells, units or even level up your daily income. Capabilities to defense or attack are crucial in Royal Revolt 2. The high-level building looks also grander than their smaller one brother from the beginning.

Towers and obstacles are covered on some respective pages and play not castle building roles. There are several types of a building depends on the level. From Throne Room to Troop Academy, Wizard’s Tower, Castle Guard, Alliance Tower to Treasure Chamber or Blacksmith/silo.

They all play a different role in the software. You can upgrade them all via gems or gold. Those currencies you could explore and achieve via completing hard jobs or generate them via our Royal Revolt 2 cheats.


There are two major currencies available in the software – gems, and gold. We develop a special hack generator that produces an unlimited amount of both of these plus pearls. It could give you a tremendous advantage in future gameplay.


You have to be aggressive to get a lot of resources from the enemy so you can use magic to destroy the bases of your enemy. Magic could be split into two main categories like spells and scrolls.

Scrolls are kind of magic powers allowing you doing more damage, gain more health, defense and slow time. Spells are uses cause they don’t must gems but tap on a spell if you want to cast them. Most levels a spell cause damage is harder to the enemy’s health.


The Royal Revolt 2 has three skills worth of mention. Health points (HP), damage which is the amount of melee your character can deal with.
Your hero deals with absolute normal damage. The last one is leadership – determines to start morale as well as the rate of which your morale bar filling.


The Rewards system which is called Daily Rewards added in December 2015 works . Any day of the week you can visit the kingdom and you will receive a reward chest by logging in.

In the menu, you can find your rewards and you can open it by tap “Present icon” in the HUD: It will show “Daily Rewards Menu”.
Daily Rewards comes usually from certain magic chests. You can open and collect them in magic chest Menu like War Reward Chests.

Pay To win

You asking this question – do I have to pay to win in Royal Revolt 2? The answer to this question should be simple and it is. No, you don’t have pay to enjoy the process of building your army and strategy.

But with our powerful tool which we giving you could dominate and win all the stages. From competition to daily tasks. Gold and Gems Hack provides you this option from the beginning!


Cool looking graphics and good, milk sound plus enjoyable, and rather addictive gameplay with our powerful Royal Revolt 2 hack generator. Yes, this sounds great!

Although, you need to consider that the game is not that perfect like Royal Revolt. The lack of some features and core mechanics makes it not meet.

Game NameRoyal Revolt 2
Android Version3.5
Current VersionV 4.5
Size55 MB

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