Narcos: Cartel Wars Hack Mod Review: Experience The Ultimate Mafia Warfare!


Narcos: Cartel Wars Review: Experience The Ultimate Mafia Warfare!
Do you love Netflix “Narcos”? The series base on true events you can immerse in the real game world. When you become an ‘el capo’ driving your organization into a new level of competition with other cartels.

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This is a kind of PVP battling and shooting GAME. Get resources, build defenses and make an attack on enemy bases. Looking at the growth of a “Finca” – your headquarters or town hall to become a monster in the brutal world of gangster and dominate it all. Balance time between creating and expanding the empire and beat up many other groups by aggressive rides.
Let’s talk about the significant thing to talk about. Currency.

From wood, cash, gold, and product you have to put a creative strategy to gather it all. Resources are the lifeblood of the kingdom. It will never be great without those.

You can generate resources with our Narcos Cartel Wars Cheats. It provides you with everything you need it one place. Via our generator, you can create an unlimited amount of cash and gold.


Gold is one of the primary resources. It has extreme power to generate and upgrade things, weapons, bases, and many other things. Gold in Narcos Cartel Wars has tremendous value.

Narcos: Cartel Wars Hack

You have to develop your operation by building jungle Finca and build, process plants, labs and much more. Prepper smuggling lines and maximize your profit from it. Remember you cannot do this without Gold. Processing and planning action need resources like gold and Cash.

How do you can gather it? From the basic gameplay and by fighting. Or buying it. But with our help, you can make gold without even investing your own money.

On the right side of the screen, you can see tremendous and powerful Narcos Cartel Wars hack which produces an unlimited amount of resources.


Cash is as essential as Gold. It is another valuable resource in the world of wild gangster shooting and taking action at you. Don’t forget to prepare yourself to balance resources like cash.

It has the power to upgrade and strengthen things up. This could be a life-threatening thing not to care about cash and gold in Narcos Cartel Wars.
How you can get it? The best way is to hard work and generates revenue from smuggling things. But there are of course other ways. An in-game deposit system could be one way.

If you want to invest your own money to speed up this process. Why not? But you play it simple: use a generator which we can call Narcos Cartel Wars Hack apk.


Beside Gold and Cash which has extreme power to make things up, you need to get wood and product. They are another critical factor in developing robust and hard to beat cartel.

Finca is the heart of your base, and you need to upgrade things around all the time, buy new weapons, customize them and do many other things.
Resources in Narcos Cartel Wars are as much value as in other freemium games, but to be honest. There you have to invest your in real cash to make a logical step forward. Its cruel and extreme world with wild and hungry animals.

If you want to generate Resources like Gold or Cash, please don’t hesitate us our Narcos Cartel Wars Hack generator.

How To Get Resources In Narcos: Cartel Wars Game?

You can get resources in various ways. To build thins like Helipad (allow usage of combat abilities) and upgrade it to get much more vital energy or combat abilities.

Narcos: Cartel Wars Cheats

Builder Cabin allows you on the other way to use new builders and progress with the construction of more buildings .

There is a lot of things to do for gathering a lot of resources like Gold or Cash. But you need to remember to use and balance strategy of defense and attack.

The main thing that produces cash is Bank – it launders money and generates Cash. You could upgrade the Bank to increase production.
The iron mine produces iron of course. The lab is the heart of your business – it could manufacture the ready for sale and hot product. Another notable building is Quarry which produces stone.

Buildings like cash storage or bunker, but, protect your goods in the long run. Resources are essential things but don’t forget to keep them alive. You can do this using our Narcos Cartel Wars Hack apk.


Inventory storage your consumables, materials, and Gear which can be used later in the game. You can protect or attack with different weapons like C4, cannon, flamethrower, landmine, guard tower, machine gun or mortar. Even rocket launchers!

The primary defense system is built for the protection of your own cartel family. The main kind of solider is Flaco. He is for sure effective in numbers, but can’t take much damage. Another important type of solider is Gordo. He could make significant losses and protect your own weaker units. RPG Soldier is useful to do a lot of damages to enemy units. But it could not survive the fire of counterattack.

Fuego has flames, and he could burn down enemy buildings or some units. He is scary in the eyes of other cartels. Armed Truck could fire a long-range and is very good for massive battles. Medic makes your more solid comeback to the world of the living. So, how to balance those all units? Take and search your strategy!

Narcos: Cartel Wars Gameplay

Gameplay in Narcos Cartel Wars is straight convenient and straightforward. You could play a long time and hurt many of the enemies. But the most fun I have with the units, strategy and building my castle. Castle of powerful cartel units with all kinds of building producing profits for my family members and me.

You could say not bad words about the graphic design, sound or characteristic of soldiers, units, heroes. It’s very catchy and good-looking. I would say the gameplay is smooth. The only bad thing I remember is you have to invest some money to get good results. But you could turn it out by using our great Narcos cartel wars hack apk android or ios.

Hit the Ground Hard

Starting gamers are supplied with two powerful shields protecting other enemies to attack your base. It has him, and it could break, so you need to make most out of it by two initial days raiding enemy outposts and fun crucial upgrades.

Remember to focus on generate resources so produce buildings, army camps, foremost and bank. Storage is another factor. Upgrading all defenses is a must be in place. Completing daily missions offering bonuses and rewards could generate a lot! Harvesting the wood to build strong and shielded bases is important as well.


Gold is a premium currency in Narcos Cartel Wars. Value of it and rarity is extreme, but sometimes you need to buy it via IAP. Completing daily achievements and missions/quests drop the problem somewhat.

But also watching advertisement videos generate five gold bars. Spending gold to short build times could go wrong. Instead, spend gold on more builders, and gold crate will make one to four sicarios.


To defeat and crush your competition you have to know your unit’s weaknesses and strengths. Strong raiding and army composition are crucial. Sentry tower is the most popular one and killer kind! Firing rate and range of attack which is vast put an enemy in the wrong way.

Remember to set your Finca so you can level higher in many other buildings and upgrade them. Also, mortars are accurate and deadly. Directing sicarios to defensive units and taking them out is crucial and must be.


Remember to know your units well. Familiarity is one of the reasons for winning the battle. Forming storm squads should contain put offensive and defensive characteristic close together so you sicario could protect and attack like the symphony.

Have a different kind of troops close. Flaco is the basic one. Lowe health but paired with Antonia they receive a 5% damage bonus. Gordo has robust health but a short-range.

RPG more solid atoms your enemies and vaporize them but have a lot of difficulties to take it with him. And medico – another puzzle which could be translated into medical staff.


In the Narcos Cartel Wars, your main idea is to build. Defensive layouts, offensive layouts, and resource buildings. Troops and weapons. It demands patience.

Upgrade storage units and raid other bases to have resources to fund any mission, upgrade or research you want! For generating more resources, you could use our Narcos Cartel Wars Hack Tool.


The Research aspect of the software could be very underrated by new gamers. Losing out resources by getting raid and produce only defensive capabilities could be the wrong way to succeed in the product.

Reinforce and strength your base is a good idea but in a short period. In the long run, it could be deadly. Focusing all energy of making attack force stronger and research or upgrade troops and its items bring great results. This is cheap and quick over time.

Research is core in the game, and sometimes we all forget about it!


There are a few tips you need to follow to get incremental rewards to log in daily. Log in will make the safe process of producing goods and stop providing them could be deadly.

There are a lot of videos to watch to get free bonus loot, gold, and shorten the time of building things. Speaking about them remember of free speed ups for the last stages.

Scout before any attack. Joining a clan early could make you learn a lot of strategies and take benefits for troop donation. Use our powerful Narcos Cartel Wars Hack iOS to make it work!


Narcos Cartel Wars could be better without the premium system which makes it hard to dominate. You should take advantage of our powerful hack generator which produces free gold and cash.

It could make you king in the jungle like the lion. Grow your cartel into the size of the empire. Yes, sounds good. Great design, beautiful music and animations make it sounds graceful to your soul. Narcos is good, but a not perfect game. You should try it!

Game NameNarcos: Cartel Wars
Android Version3.5
Current VersionV 4.5
Size89 MB

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