Forge of Empires Hack Review: Experience The Ultimate FUN MMORTS Game?


Forge of Empires is an addictive product and MMORTS by InnoGames.
Ruling the entire empire and fight intense battles on the 3d map provide extreme experience. From the early stages of civilization to the advanced eras.

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A lot of great buildings to build, armies to lead and all looks like pure chocolate graphic design. Resources are an important factor in the growth of your kingdom and you will need a lot of coins, supplies, and Diamonds.

You will need them to upgrade buildings, bases and many other things.
You can get a lot of boost by getting a large number of Coins, Diamonds, and Supplies. You can try to earn it by doing a lot of Quests or using or newborn Forge of Empire Hack.


Coins are one of the main resources in Forge of Empire. They are used for recruiting armies, buying Forge Points to upgrade things. The important resource could be profited from Residential Buildings. Or special Buildings, by fulfilling any jobs or from chests in Guild Expeditions.

Forge of Empires Hack

Each building produce some kind of value of coins. It can take minutes or even one day. Checking the game is important as you get them by doing it. Another interesting question is what do you use coins in Forge of Empires?
There are many options on the table. From Unlocking technology, purchasing buildings, infiltrating enemy army. To scouting a province, buying forge points, negotiating and much, much more!

Remember that you can make a lot for the hut – first residential building which makes more coins than any other one in the software. You have to collect every 5 minutes. Worth remembering that you can collect coins packages during many of the events. The amount of it depends on the age era.


To earn any supplies you need to place orders in special production buildings. Very crucial thing is that you need to set it yourself. Complete any quest and you also will get a full amount of supplies.

Conquering new territories or plundering other gamers’ buildings you also can achieve a decent amount of this resource. Generally beside coins supplies will be needed to recruit, build and unlock the newest technologies. Sometimes very special packages are supplied during particular events. It differs with age we are playing and many other factors.


There are many resources you can generate via our newest Forge of Empire hack download. Another one good to review is Diamonds. This is a full “Premium” resource. You can buy it by real means like money and spent on many things. There are many quests you can generate diamonds but not enough.

Try to find more than 100 in the special province with special loot. You will have to conquer a lot of other provinces. This is hard to get and very valuable. Coming back in memory in the early of Event in 2013 you can make diamonds infamous wheel of fortune. Not now.

Forge of Empires Cheats

How you can spend diamonds? The most important upgrade is to double production in a kind of production or residential building.

Other useful tips are to scout a province immediately, buy goods at price of 5 diamonds each, cash forge points, buy coins or supplies. Unlock more slots in military buildings, heal or train military units. Buy interesting blueprints or even special buildings/expansion for the city. Diamonds could be easy to make by doing a lot of quests but there is always a lack of them. You can get it by generating it via our new Forge of Empire hack for android.


As we said and show above there are three main resources in the entire product. Coins, Supplies, and Diamonds. The entire development of your city and nation will depend upon them.

Better prepare yourself to fight hard to gain a lot of them or buy them. You need it to upgrade buildings, train your fighters, heal them and make your kingdom grow as fast as possible.

Of course, you can do this buying things from the shop but also you can use our great Forge of Empire Cheats. It locates you closer to win if you generate a ton of them in one instance!


Worth to understand what the province is in the game. It looks a little bit like a continent map. Each era has strict and numbered provinces and a part of the map which corresponds to it.

If you want to progress in the game you need to get them as fast as possible. Harvesting a lot of treasures from them could give you an entire powerful boost and progress.

Battles on the other way provide you with battle points allowing to play and compete in Player-versus-Player (PVP) mode later. The winner of the max number of battle points acquiring first position. Get medals used later to gain expansions or donating guild treasury.

Someone needs to achieve full control of the province and to reach it you have to send a scout. This procedure demands a lot of coins and it cannot be reversed. Good to remember – don’t scout all provinces. It forces another player to scout and loses his coins and resources.


If we speaking about core mechanics in Forge of Empire you will say that Trading is the most vital, important and needed part of it. It becomes so huge part of the gameplay course you need goods.

And they are not easy to get. Access to them is hard and not always available. The most reasonable idea is to join a Guild. This will provide you with more trades. There is a lot of trades to choose from – merchant trades, guild one or friend trades.

Merchant is very expensive but almost always available. Why is important to join a guild? Couse, it doesn’t cost you a Forge point but only a member of the Guild can make an offer. Neighborhood or friends called trades to contain all trades offered by players close to your or friends list.

Worth to remember they are not in your guild. These trades could cost you valuable forge points by accepting someone else trade. Generally, trading will be much easier to buy using many tools we offer on the right side of the screen.

Incidents or Guild Expeditions

So-called incidents are things which are happening in or around your city like 3 of them appear on the shore, 6 on roads,3 in water or 15 in the wilderness. It all has a place when you are online or offline.

You can have up to 15 incidents by one day. Clicking on the incident will give you something like resources (coins, supplies, medals, goB goods, Forge points, boosts, diamonds).

The rarer the incident is the more and better goods you will receive. They will all disappear in 24 hours. All kinds of incidents have a glow appear around them. The color of the glow depends on rarity. Incidents are a vital part of Forge of Empire as Guild Expeditions.

This is a cross-platform feature that looks and works terrific. Your guildmates and you make a fight in the number of battlefields to get rewards and build regional guild power. The reason why it is available was that players don’t enjoy a full range of feelings to reach certain goals in the game. But how it works?

Expeditions begin every Tuesday and going last by six days. Every player who reached the iron age when expedition begins would have the ability to succeed in their guild during Expedition. The expedition must be planned before you can join it.

If you join or create a new guild the thing you will have to make is waiting for to next expedition to begin before taking part. When the expedition is running you will see a pop-up telling about it. The expeditions are intense and give you another reason for enjoying playing the game.

Negotiating with Provinces

This is a very important feature close to the trading one. The negotiating process with a province. If you don’t like to take the thing by force you can spread the love and negotiate with it.

The smallest amount of items which province will demand is 1 and max if 4. Sometimes fight for it is a better option than negotiate. The cost could be devastating to your account and resources could go as as they come. So prepare a good strategy with negotiating is a sure strategy.


This is the most exciting option as far for me. Researching and developing various technologies could be intriguing! To unlock infrastructure or buildings you could do many things. A lot of units and features like guilds.
Progress going on through different eras is tremendous.

Unlocking the technology of higher age gamer will progress to the next. With the occasion, he will upgrade the Town Hall and unlock a lot of new buildings.

Of course, you could do this but there are many other options like buying upgrades by Diamonds or Coins. The process could go a long time or shorter if you speed it up by our means of Forge of Empire hack 2018. This could provide you with a free and vital amount of Diamonds!


There are two kinds of army units. Defensive or Offensive. The second offensive unit could have a max of eight units. They have different options from attacking neighboring players and defend other guilds armies could be defended.

The defensive forces are different animals. The largest eight units could defend your town during the situation of imminent attack from a close living player. What is the aim of neighbors to attack you? From plundering, battle points to even lead in the board to win medals. There is always some reason behind it!

The fight looks very nice and graphic design, sound and everything else looks terrific!


How do you can complete quests? There are different steps by which you can do it. From producing certain goods, perform tasks, achieve conditions and many more.

Rewards are granted from goods, supplies, coins, military units, forge points to even diamonds packages! The story quests are even more interesting cause they provide plot for an entire era time!

The recurring or side quest may give a non-player character. It all depends on the progress we made in the technology tree or continent map.
Sometimes event quests can provide special items when we finish the entire cycle of tasks. Generally, it looks and works very profound and we should expect much more than this by using our great Forge of Empire hack tool.

Building Great Buildings

The history of the world is colorful. We can build a special building inspired by world history. These structures can provide a lot of benefits to the player. Every age could offer two Great Buildings.

All them have unique bonuses, space which is required to build (watch out planning!) and of course graphic. A great building could have more requirements.

You can’t build them until you gather the amount of goods/blueprints. Great Building can gain levels when Forge Points must be placed into them. For each level, the inherent bonus should increase as well as rewards paid to top donors.

Goods Buildings

What produces goods? Of course, it is goods buildings. This is one of the most important features in the Forge of Empires Game. Researching, building and many other things need a good amount of resources, thus goods buildings. Remember there are always other ways to get goods like negotiate them or trade them.

The goods infrastructure works like production. Assigning work to each working building by spending coins, supplies or goods. You can find up to four production rates from 4 hours to 48 hours. This will determine the number of goods produced.

Ranking System

There are points in the ranking system affecting your rank globally. There are battle points counting for your ranking, goods spend also are a factor. The other thing about the ranking system is trading so goods spend there will not count towards the ranking.

Producing refined / re-refined goods

To research, we have to spend goods. This is the most crucial commodity to unlock research with coins and supplies. The main reason for the use of goods is :

  • Trading- Researching- Negotiating- Building Great Buildings- Producing Refined/Re-refine
  • What amount of goods you can scrape in Forge of Empire? Almost above 75 types of goods! They are produced by goods kind of buildings. Goods buildings make good deposits to produce a large volume of goods that could be produced without good deposits.
  • You can find them in specific provinces or generate per one player account


Another factor in the game is the population. It measures the number of people in the city. How do the population is produced? It’s coming straight from building houses and Great Buildings.

Infrastructure which cost you people are military and resource houses. The only way to reclaim it is to sell the buildings.

People in your city need to be satisfied and happy. You should think about cultural buildings to make your citizens loyal and in a good mood. Building proper infrastructure gives you a boost later in the game. Remember to use to build your city in a strategical way.

Game NameForge Of Empires
Android Version1.4
Current VersionV 2.03
Size12 MB

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