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The world of the first-person shooter is full of garbage and shitty products. But there are always good names on the market. Critical Ops is for sure one of the best products out there. You can find it on Google Play as a playable game and funny as hell title. Multiplayer online games are the core of today’s development of many games on the market. 3D battle experience is improved over the years.

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Giant Battlefields, fight and hellish wars. Its core of nowadays games like Battlefield counter strike or Call of duty. Critical Ops provide the very same experience with weapons improvement and a lot of work to win. Critical Ops also has its own currency which is of course Credits, Tokens and Money. You can fight hard over to get credits, but you also have other possibilities like using our Critical Ops Hack.

Upgrade or Updating process is a long and hard process and you should keep it serious during a session with the game. The low quantity of resources if a problem when you do not control your win ratio. To kill and destroy more and more you need to upgrade weapons and be faster and skilled. Please don’t hesitate to use our Critical Ops Hack!


The first we should think about Credits. This is a very important Critical Ops currency. Another two are Money and Tokens which we will describe later. You can buy Credits and other currencies to buy and open skin cases.

You get no credits at the beginning of the game. But you will get Money.
Skin cases are opened by credits and get a skin for random weapons. How do you can get Credits? By doing Missions, completing some offers, watch ads and of course – buy it for real money. We also offer another option with our Critical Ops Hack 2020.


Another currency in the game is Tokens. They are pretty close to credits – so you can buy skins by players’ choice. You can get tokens by getting skins owned in the previous stage which depend on the tier. Use the Critical Ops token generator to make more tokens!


Money is very important in Critical Ops and Critical Strike Portable. You can buy weapons, gear and more. Limitations on money mean you need to buy something other than a preferred item.

Critical Ops cheats

Players will start with 800$ they can spend it on some pistols like Kevlar or other than P250. As many matches, you finish it will be reset once you will make 13 matches. In Deathmatch, the player can buy the weapon for free. Getting money is rather hard so you have the option given by us for using the Critical Ops hack tool.


You can choose from 16 weapons in Critical Ops. How you can get weapons? Buying it or pick it from the ground. Every weapon has a delay after some kind of reloading and buying weapons in the buy zone is the only possibility in Critical Ops.

Buying weapons is one option but you can choose to use our newest Critical Ops Credits Hack from which you could use a lot of features. Credit, Money or Tokens generator works for making you rich!


In Critical Ops you can find six maps. There is Bureau which is an office map with some kind of lobby, canals of the Amsterdam. Division where you work on the upper floor of Bureau, Brewer which you can set up in the brewery, Grounded on Aiport or Legacy in modern Japanese based map.
Also, an more kind of map is Plaza – a European metropolis with a lot of markets, stairs and so on.


There are two kinds of forces in Critical Ops – Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists which color is yellow.

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You will have several missions from hostage rescue, prevent the counter-terrorist from rescuing the hostages. And traditional defuse the bomb, plant c4 at bombsites A or B and prevent CT from defusing the bomb. And all kind of other missions which bring us to a great conclusion that you have a great choice!


The very interesting mode in Critical Ops is Defuse. You will be assigned to cut the opposite team or plant/defuse C4. This is a balanced game mode and is used in favor of tournaments.

Counter-terrorist are assigned to defuse the bomb you can plant on bombsites. If a bomb explodes terrorists win or if you defuse it or time is out the counter-terrorists win.

From the start, players can buy only pistols or gear. But then after a total of 12 rounds, players could be flipped to others.


Another game mode is Deathmatch. Players can respawn after death and they must contribute to make kills ratio higher than the enemy. This is a full classical mode which you can find in many other games this type like COD, BF or Counter Strike.

The difference now is that you can use our powerful Critical Ops Money Hack to make it better and faster. Players in this mode could be spawned in a very random place across the map. No other gear besides Kevlar can be used and equipped at all.


In Critical Ops you can complete a lot of Tasks for orange credits and unlock a picket amount of very crucial skins cases. Its to make the randomized skin in a tier for a randomized weapon.

Token from the other way could be chosen to buy whichever skin they want. Click on the profile from home menu and click “Daily Missions” and you find a lot of news every day.

Finishing missions in Critical Ops are an important part of the gameplay. You need to do this to get new Credits and more.


How do controls work in Critical Ops? Controls are a kind of function which makes a gamer do certain actions like shooting a pistol or jump.
You can edit on all platforms on both CSP or CO. Mobile platforms has a different approach as you need the touchscreen.


As we speak above you can find two kinds of game modes in Critical Ops. Deathmatch is a kind of respawn mode you should kill a lot of enemies and outnumber them. The other modes are defused and a lot of missions you should finish to get very important Resources!


Patch fixes a lot of bugs in Critical Ops and was released on July 28, 2016, for PC and August 5, 2016, for mobile. It fixe iOS inconsistent touch sensitivity, unopened packs not showing, top 100 kills leaderboards. improving anti-hack and much more than this.

Does this mean that you can’t hack Critical Ops? No! You can with our powerful and working Critical ops hack apk. It works right now and we still upgrade and update our product!

Critical Ops like Counter-Strike on mobile:

The full inspiration for Critical Ops comes from Counter-Strike. You can spend money getting on weapons, repurchase them and equipment if you die. Specialized equipment and risk it all if dying.

You and your team trying to kill counter-terrorists or plant a bomb in the defuse model. And contrary – counter-terrorist trying to wipe out terrorists or defuse it. Use all kinds of weapons from pistols to C4. Watch up to the traps, it could be deadly.


Critical Ops is published on Android and iOS. It’s much more than open beta right now. It’s a huge and powerful product and you can get it on Facebook or Android. The interface still evolving and maps to play still growing. You can play a lot of missions and modes will be added in the future.

This brutal first-shooter is still patched and developers working on it every day. Very same experience as in Counter-Strike classic and the option to play it every place you want is great. Games have some great touchscreen inaccuracies. It provides great value for gameplay.

Not pay-to-win:

Critical Ops for sure do not pay to win type of software. Every player gets the same loadout every time he steps to the battle and completely can’t change a selection of weapons. Only great advantage game offers you are weapon skins.

Even the don’t have any effect on the tool you shooting against an enemy it only makes your gun looks strong and powerful. It’s all about customization. So why to use our Critical Ops hack apk android? For sure you can use it to make your weapons more scary and effective.

This kind of model works well. Players will prefer this over the pay-to-win model. Based on skill battlefield fight make it more difficult to win.


Critical Ops is a reminiscence of Counter-Strike on mobile. You can play and win a lot when you are good. Skills playing a huge role in the product. The gameplay is fast and graphics and sounds very dynamic. You will love the atmosphere which can be felt all the way down.

Lovely shooting product with great features. This is Critical Ops. I will give this game high notes and scores!

Game NameCritical Ops
Android Version3.4
Current VersionV 1.05
Size56 MB

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