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How we can start a review of this interesting software by Socialpoint? Cressida Cowell shows you how to train Dragons. Dragon City forces us (in a rather joyful way) to feed, breed them and build habitats. The next step will be to fight with other dragons.

Click To Make Resources

A nice tutorial will give you first advice on how to make dragon terrain (remove trees and rocks), grow food, add a building. And the most important – breed, hatch and send to fight with other Dragons. You can speed up those processes using gems.


Another great feature is you can visit your friend’s cities. For what? To give or sell the resources. It has incredible nice implications like earn currency to buy different things and you can level up faster.

Dragon City Hack Tool

Also, you can share some of the information to make free gems by signing for a survey or downloading apps. For sure games is for teens and developers don’t hide it. It’s intended. Let’s dip a little more.

How Dragon City Works?

What we need Gold? Its made by different types of dragons and with different speed rates. You can buy terrains and buildings, food and eggs. You need to feed those to increase their level of use when it gets to the point of the fight.

On the other way, gems can be used for speed game activities (hatching, breeding, etc). You getting gems for won battles, moves level up or buy them.

Also, you can get XP points that kick you on the next level.
The battle is non-contact by using moves which are different from one to another (the type of dragon and its level) – like flaming arrows or punching enemy. Losing dragon disappear in a puff.

But what’s interesting you don’t lose your dragon and get no penalty. Winners get it all – Gems, XP and more.

Dragon City’s quest walks you through all basics from building habitats. From buying and hatichng big eggs or raising those powerful monsters. Until you reach level 10 where you can know more and more.

Payor Loss? Dragon City Market

While playing a game, you will find out that on the side of the screen you can see a witch-like character who calls “Pssst!”. This icon takes you to the “Dragon Black Market”.

Dragon Eggs is one of the things you can buy. And also you can spend some of the value of the gem to get special dragons.

Visiting other islands in which some of them are fictitious game characters or friends islands. Other players make you feel like a warrior ready to fight.
But what you can buy?

The starter pack includes gold, gems, dragon food and dragon for $1.99 and on limited time. Prices are spread from $2.25 to $112 range and can be used to buy items and speed the game limited time up.

What’s interesting the payment method range also from a debit card, credit card, and PayPal. So, from now on you don’t need this! Our new Dragon City Hack will bring completely free experience but we provide more about this later!

Invite Friends And Play Combat together

Like in much other software you can invite your friends and play and earn some extra food, gold, XP or gifts. Remember during playing games online on Facebook, the app receives basic information, birthday and names/photos.

You can be invited to play other games. Considering a game is appropriate for children. Remember that during game content not always is suitable for our little kids.

Dragon City Hack 2020

Clicking on the option of extra dragon food by watching video content some of them could have video advertisements. It can contain weight loss or Pacific Island (bikini girls). So be careful!

But the cartoon style makes it very easy to watch and play. Dragons are engaged in combat with other players Dragons. Battles are rather not violent.

Dragon City doesn’t limit gameplay with any of the energy bars. But passing level 10 developers impose an insane price on some of the items.
So with our help, there is no problem as we provide you with a solution of Gems and Gold Generator. So, let’s talk about our tool and How To Dragon City Hack Tool works.

3 Tips How To Get Dragon City Hack

Dragon City offers you a lot. But you need to give it a lot! So now for real don’t be scammed and get Real, Working Tool? Dragon City Hack Tool from us provides you with cool features like generate FREE Gems and FREE Gold.

You don’t need root and jailbreak. It’s an automatic connection between wi-fi and our system detecting your device and working together to generate a chosen amount of currency.

It’s that simple and easy. So if you want to generate it go to the right site and click Connect and Generate. This will save you time and effort!

Remember Dragon City is very strict about resources management. It could be risky if you using some of the bad bots existing out there. Use our safe and auto-proxy bot for better results!

Game NameDragon City
Android Version1.0 and up
Current Versionv11.33
Size12 MB

Benefits Of Using Our Tool:

  • It Load Fast
  • Unique Features
  • Different Monsters
  • In Multiplayer You Can Cooperate
  • Chat Available

Dragon City Features:

  1. A Lot Of Weapons
  2. Different Maps And Types Of Maps
  3. Different Monsters
  4. Great Graphic And Sound
  5. Breathtaking Gameplay

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